Blackbird Karate: Tucson, AZ

Our dojo provides a free martial education that is influenced by several traditional systems, especially the Japanese and Okinawan arts.  All sincere students are welcome regardless of their financial situation.  Students simply pay me with their time, energy, attention, and hard work.  I offer my training on a volunteer basis to the Tucson community in order to give back that which was given to me.

The Salvation Army provides me with a place where I can volunteer my time and focus on my craft.  Because of this, I can teach the old way, the traditional way, without worrying about sales figures and revenue.  This frees me up to teach the subtleties of the art methodically and carefully.  I can work with a small group of sincere students and focus exclusively on their progress.  Class sizes are limited to a handful of dedicated people in order to ensure that I can teach in the way that is best for me.  This is not a sport dojo or a social club: this is a traditional martial martial art and it takes a certain kind of person.  Although I teach children (7+) they must be serious about their studies.

So that's about it.  It's a lot of hard work and a process of tireless revision and constant rebuilding.  It's a very difficult and demanding path to tread.  The rewards, however, are endless and priceless.  If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch.  It would be a pleasure to talk to you.

--Ben Couch, Chief Instructor